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Level-Up - Junior Event Scholarship







Mission: To make club and collegiate volleyball more accessible to athletes in a restricted financial or low income household.

Why Level-Up?

According to, only about 7% of high school athletes continue on to play a collegiate varsity sport, and for volleyball athletes, it's even less. Out of a volleyball team of 20 players, odds are, only one will play in college.

How do you improve your odds? Get noticed. Improve your skills and increase your exposure.


Clubs, clinics, camps... they all require a financial commitment and, for many, it can be out of reach. The Level-Up scholarship wants to help high school volleyball athletes to get the high-level coaching and court-time to get noticed and, just maybe, get recruited. 


Who should apply?

This scholarship is intended for junior athletes in the Capital Region who are looking for financial support to attend clinics, camps, participate on a club team, or attend other skills/coaching events to help to improve their level of skill, with the goal of participating on a collegiate varsity volleyball team.

Just here to support?
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Want to apply?

Interested in applying for financial support through the Level-Up scholarship?

  • Complete the form below. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event for consideration.

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