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Our Story

By definition, elevate means “to raise or lift (something) up to a higher position”. In 2015, a group of dedicated individuals chose to do just that. After the passing of a colleague who was heavily involved in the community, this group formed a scholarship  organization in his name to carry on his legacy and continue the positive impact he had in our area. Over the next four years, the group hosted events within the Middletown, NY community – a yearly car show, cardboard boat regatta, restaurant dine-ins, and more, all to raise funds to support the scholarship offering. Through running these events, they were inspired by the dedication and outpouring of support shown by the community, which led the Board of Directors to extend their support to more than one cause and more than one town. ElevateOC (Elevate Our Community) was officially born.

Today, we have now extended our impact to raising thousands of dollars annually for multiple community scholarships and grass roots charities across the state of New York. Our support reaches a variety of program types ranging from youth programs, dog rescues, rare terminal diseases, and beyond. With the help and support of #OurCommunity, we have brought attention to worthy causes across our various communities, and we continue to partner with more organizations as time goes on. Take some time to browse through our past events to see a peak into our efforts. If you are interested in helping in our mission of giving back or would like to partner on a future event, please send us an inquiry on our contact page. We would like to thank each and every person who has helped ElevateOC rise to the occasion and make us what we are today.

Andy Mink - CEO, ElevateOC Inc.

Continuing Sponsors 


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